Pastoral Care Plan

Quality learning opportunities and the development of the whole person within our Marist Catholic Faith community

Teachers and non-teaching staff are part of a team.  This team wants to ensure students and staff are happy and secure in whatever activity they are taking part in, whether social, spiritual, mental, emotional or physical.  We have a caring commitment to guide and advise our students, equipping them with the skills needed to face the outside world.  Teachers and non-teaching staff are encouraged to approach the care of our children in a positive way.  Teachers are committed to ensuring their colleagues feel supported and cared for within the school community.

Through our pastoral care plan we aim:

1. To create and maintain an atmosphere where students feel they are well known, safe, valued, respected and happy

2. To promote the aims of our school

3. To implement our Behaviour Plan which considers the views of all staff

4. To maintain the highest standards of teaching and learning

5. To respond in a sympathetic way to the concerns, fears and worries of our students

6. To build an atmosphere of trust with teachers, parents and students

7. To make children aware of potential dangers through the teaching of Health Education and other subjects e.g. road and water safety  - care in the sun

8. To provide opportunities for teachers to participate in friendly, informal social gatherings

Specific Issues
1. Ethos: The ethos of the school will be reflected in the moral, intellectual, personal and social development of our students.  It does not come about by chance.  It is achieved by the principal, senior leadership team and staff promoting and facilitating an atmosphere of care and respect within the formal and informal life of the school community.

2. Relationships: A good relationship between students and staff is paramount to generating a positive climate within the school community where every individual feels valued and cared for at all times.  Good relationships will be nurtured between:

• Staff and students
• Students and their peers
• Members of staff
• Senior leadership team and staff
• Staff and Board of Trustee
• School and surrounding community

Children will also be encouraged to develop and value a respect for themselves

3. Values: The teacher should share his/her values and beliefs with the children and not only his/her knowledge.  Life skills are central to the ethos of the school.  

4. Self Esteem: We believe that self-esteem and respect are central to the development of the whole child and promotes learning.

5. Personal Safety: We will encourage children to be responsible for their own personal safety and help them to acquire skills to be able to do this.

Resources required to maintain and update the pastoral care plan will be updated as necessary.
There will be an amount budgeted annually for Pastoral Care. The Leadership Team will be responsible for this budget.

At all levels of the caring process all staff and students need to feel valued, safe and secure.